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December 7, 2018

In this article, Chris Bank of UXPin – The UX Design App details some of his favorite product design blogs on the web, categorized by the type of content they contain.

Talent may be developed, and creativity may still be for the most part inspired, but thanks to the internet knowledge and advice are free of charge. Some of the best product design resources are only a click, tap or swipe away. With the brightest thought leaders in the design arena sharing their expertise, best practices and advice openly, via a plethora of product design blogs on the web, one has arguably all the resources necessary to be the next Jony Ive. The following are a sampling of some of the best UX design blogs that the web has to offer.

1. Strategy

These blogs discuss techniques and guidelines that can be implemented to achieve design goals or objectives. Articles and post topics range from project management methodology to ideas on how to improve one's creative process.

  • Boxes and Arrows: articles about design principles, processes and methods, interfaces and more.
  • Nielsen Norman Group: reports and articles regarding groundbreaking research in user experience.
  • Usability Geek: covers topics ranging from UX and interfaces to conversion.

2. UI / Interfaces

These blogs feature tips, tricks, and advice on how to build effective user interfaces. Whether creating UIs for software products, mobile apps, or websites ­­ the information contained in these sites are indispensable.

3. UX

These blogs focus on the the topic of user experience design for products and services. Topics range from discussions regarding industry trends in UX to reviews on software and tools for UX designers.

  • UX Mag: an online UX publication discussing the latest in design and UX strategy.
  • UX Booth: one of the leading publications for UX topics, held in high regard by the UX community.
  • 52 Weeks of UX: a UX blog authored by UX designers Joshua Porter and Joshua Brewer.
  • UXPin Blog: useful articles on how to create effective user experiences.
  • DesignModo UX: comprehensive site covering the aesthetic, business, and psychological elements of UX.
  • Webcredible: UX articles and resources.
  • Johnny Holland: a popular source of information for a variety of UX topics.
  • Smashing Magazine: a leading website for UX information and articles.
  • UX Colombo: a site that strives to promote UX creativity and inspiration with its insightful, in­depth coverage of various UX topics.
  • UX Myths: a site that dispels some common myths regarding UX design and the industry at­large.
  • Inspire UX: UX design articles and tips.
  • UXADAY: daily inspiration and directory of useful resources and tools for User Experience Designers.
  • Stack Exchange UX: question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts.
  • UX Matters: a site featuring a bounty of useful UX information and tips.
  • Foolproof: a popular blog covering UX strategy and design.
  • Akendi: discusses issues surrounding UX and design.
  • Innovation M: a design blog that highlights various UX methods.

4. Process & Methods

These sites feature articles covering topics around design methodology. Posts include discussions and pointers on how to achieve user experience goals and objectives.

5. Deliverables & Documentation

These sites include topics that discuss design deliverables and documentation, with information on how effectively create items such as wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams, and prototypes, among others.

  • UXPin Blog: tools and resources for creating wireframes, mockups, and other prototyping information, such as this practical look at using wireframes.
  • Nielsen Norman Group: a site that features Nielsen Norman Group's groundbreaking research, reporting, and user interface evaluations.
  • Wireframes: a site featuring tools, tips, and advice regarding wireframing and prototyping.
  • Inspire UX: some great articles about sketching and wireframing.

6. Tools & Software

Information regarding the latest software, code snippets, and other items essential to one's design arsenal can be found in these blogs. These resources are indispensable for staying updated on the latest and greatest design tools.

  • Boxes and Arrows: articles about design principles, processes and methods, interfaces and more.
  • Little Big Details: a provider of daily design inspiration tips.
  • Creative Bloq: a leading website for UX information and articles.
  • UXPin Blog: features useful software information and resources, including extensive tips on using their prototyping and wireframing platform UXPin.

7. Psychology

Why do some user experiences work, while some do not? These sites contain articles that discuss the psychological underpinnings of an effective UI/UX.

8. Trends

These blogs cover general movements, though processes, and opinions shared amongst the design community at­large.

9. Design Patterns

For design pattern inspiration, look to the following resources:

10. Book Reviews

These sites provide expert opinion and reviews on the latest design publications. A wide range of design­related materials are reviewed, including how­to books, digital guides, and case studies.

  • Luke W: reviews publications about digital product design by Luke Wroblewski.
  • The IxD Library: a site that highlights the best books, articles and presentations regarding interaction design.
  • UXPin Library: a collection of free UI/UX e­books containing references to a wide variety of other UI/UX books.
  • UX Mastery: a great selection of UI/UX books and publications.
  • UX Mag: contains ongoing, periodic book reviews on UX and usability topics.

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